15 Months & 12 Days Left

Jack is 15 Months today.  I really cannot believe how quick it has gone, last year we had his Baptism on 8/15, even that is a year now.  WOW

  • He went for his check up Friday and is 32.5inches, and 20lb12oz.  Super skinny boy (fat baby slim we call him).
  • He loves to clap and dance to music.
  • He gives Hi-Fives to everyone
  • He will grab your hand and bring you to the door, stairs, bed- whatever he wants and only if he needs you because he will usually climb on everything himself or open the doors
  • He  rubs his belly when you say "rub your belly" and its the cutest thing, especially when he has no shirt on
  • He walks his dogs and says sit while pointing at them and says do-do for dog dog
  • Loves to open the front door then sit and wave at cars driving by
  • loves putting my straws in my Starbucks cups (I have him trained well!)
  • Loves watching Daddy outside and will sit in his Car for hours playing, pushing his lawn mower around and amazed by bubbles
  • Loves to fall onto our bed, dog bed, a bunch of pillows on ground.  Anything soft he loves
  • Starting to eat people meat finger foods, but struggling with them, he would rather drop them on the floor  So we are not doing any snacks to try and make him hungry enough to eat meat, chicken, turkey- anything with protein (very unlike his parents in this area)
We went to the Children's Museum on Manhattan today with my parents and sister, Jack is very entertaining.  He loves wheels and steering wheels.  He kept running from us and going across the place to a bus that he could steer, went up an enclosed staircase and down a slide in the Curious George exhibit, he is always surprising us.  I cannot wait to see him and Charlotte, only 12 days left!


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