Before a baby comes there is a period of Nesting for most.  Well Tim and I both seem to be nesting, but in different ways.  He needs to complete his projects in 6 days or now 5 days- which means 4 since the 5th I am having this baby.

Our basement had a leak, so the walls were ripped out, sheet rock replaced and then it sat.  It also sat on my nerves.  Yes he works 2 jobs and works 80 hours a week but I want my house complete!! So while waiting/nagging him about it we did get paint and I went through some of the things from under the staircase and managed to purge 1 filing cabinet, 2 dog stuff organizers and shoes.  So once it is sanded and painted only 1 filing cabinet and gun cabinet will go back under and there will be more room, maybe a shoe bin from upstairs can be moved downstairs.  I also am having him add another shelf above the one we have in the stairwell for things we don't use as much and then I can put stuff I do use on the one we have that is easier to reach.

While the stairwell project is going on we decided to finally finish our gutters- which were ripped off in APRIL! He had redone all the other parts to prep for the new gutters but then his business picked up (read never home) and it got pushed aside.  So last weekend knowing gutters were coming this week (Brother's Gutters who are AWESOME did them), we had to put in new drainage.  So Tim ripped up the yard for all new drainage pipes, I am grateful he is handy because everything would cost a whole lot more if we had to hire out.  So that was last weekends project. COMPLETED just need grass to grow back. By the way most interesting to come out of the yard work an old BURIED Washing Machine was in our backyard, who does that?!!?!!

PATIO:  Though I love decks, we just don't have the space for one or want to deal with process of getting a town permit for one since our lot is on the smaller side. So we have discussed a patio, well Tim decided Friday we need one and he was going to do it on FRIDAY!  I pull in from shopping to a pile of rock/concrete in my driveway and him spreading it our back.  So we is putting pavers down like a jigsaw he is making himself, talented yes, time consuming yes, and spontaneous! 4 days, just 4 days!!  The dog also got a spot in the back yard for his kennel to FINALLY be installed.   I am looking forward to it, we will put a fire pit also, a nice place to sit and watch Jack play out back.

The garage was ripped apart, reorganized, bleached in 2 days.

Kitchen:  I finally order window treatments for the 2 windows, I went to JCPenney and ordered made to fit pull down shades, I can't find curtain sets I like, and not wanting to spend a ton of money since my attitude is 2 more years.  They come in next week and will be up for more privacy.  We still need a new door, and either a light or shelf above the sink window to finish everything off.

NURSERY:   I also ordered curtains for the kids room today, thermal and blackout ones.  What we have works but midday it is still on the light side.  I have been waiting them but haven't found anything I really like until wandering into JCP and seeing a major sale + coupons.  I also bought the matching valance for Charlotte's bedding which will be put up this week, so they each have their "own window" essentially now.

Living room: mission of finding a rug for it and eventually I want different curtains/treatments for the windows

PLAYROOM/TV ROOM:  We are planning on getting rid of the couches in our basement and buying 1 leather couch.  Then turning the room into the playroom for Jack and Charlotte, the toys are taking over the upstairs and I want my living room back.  So we will buy shelving/organizers for the toys and have everything down there.  That way we have more room for them to play and less mess upstairs.

As you can see we are nesting.  We have deadline of 4 days for some and a work in progress for the other items.

  • finish stairwell
  • shelf in stairwell
  • drainage for gutters
  • gutters
  • patio
  • kennel put up
  • garage
  • kitchen shades
  • kitchen door
  • kitchen shelf/light
  • nursery curtains & valance
  • living room rug
  • playroom


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