less than 20!

August is here, heck we are a week into August already and in the teens for countdown until Charlotte is here.  I have started packing up the hospital bag with my stuff and stuff for her.  I have organized as much as I can so far, and this weekend gave the house a deep clean which I will just upkeep until I can do another post baby.  Now once the basement gets redone we will move toys down there, and take out her swing and bouncer to play with.

I have my next doctor appointment tomorrow for 37 weeks, while comparing Jack's stats and Charlotte's stats my weight is less now but belly width is the same.  I feel smaller but in reality I am not.  I have been feeling some contractions but nothing time-able yet so most likely Braxton Hicks.

I am working on packing Jack's bag for while we are at the hospital.  He will be with his grandparents going back and forth a few days.  Next up finding a babysitter for while I am in grad school 2 days a week and a mother's helper 1 day a week to entertain Jack while I am caring for the baby.


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