Charlotte's ER visit

So we came home on Tuesday from the hospital, on Wednesday she started vomiting, projectile after a few of her feedings.  Tim said it was because of her gas not not burping well (Jack was a horrible burper also, he loved passing gas though).  So I didn't worry, then Thursday it happened again, every 3rd feeding she vomited.  Again, we chalked it up to burping, and because it wasn't every feeding I took notes of date/time. Friday, AGAIN in the morning she vomited.  Jack had been pushing her swing so motion sickness?  She then took a nap and held down her 3pm feeding.
She was very sleepy on Friday and after her 3pm's feeding she slept until 8:15pm and didn't move around much, flinch, or anything so I started getting nervous.   At 8:15 Tim fed her and burped her.  Well she vomited again.  I finally flipped out and said I am calling the doctor.  She was too lethargic for us at this point also, when she is normal very awake.

Tim called his mom while I was on with the answering service (it was 9pm at this point).  His parents drove down, immediately upon walking in his mom said she was yellow, we did have some jaundice issues in the hospital, but to us we didn't see it because we has been with her so much.  She began spitting up bile too.  We decided while still waiting for the doctor to call to head down to the hospital.  Dr called just as we were walking down and told us to take her down.  OFF we went.

ER- She was taken in immediately, at 7 days old she took ER priority.  We were seen within 10 minutes, and the ER doctor got the pediatrician to come down stat.  She was the one who took over from the nurses and did the blood work, she did the catheter and I went with Charlotte for the X-Rays.  Xrays came back clear, urine was sent out and flood work came back with elevated billirubin scores and she was admitted.  2am Tim and I were fast asleep in the room. She had been started on Pedialtye bottles through the night. 

Saturday- She began Zantac for reflux treatment and restarted formula.  She had one bout of vomit at 3:30pm and none after.  Onto Sunday.


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