Update: Charlotte's Hospital Stay

So we are still in hospital. Most likely staying until Tuesday morning awaiting more test results. (2nd urine culture was taken today before antibiotics were given). She has not had a fever at all though so we have been abele to avoid a spinal tap but the minute one of her checks shows fever she is getting one.

As of now she is on Zantac for acid reflux. This was the first thing they thought she had,and since starting that she has been fine, 1 small bout of vomit but fine since yesterday at 3:30pm. She is still on Similac Advance and they do not think it has anything to do with formula or milk. Which is a good.

Friday night in the ER the pediatrician took a urine sample from the catheter, well the culture came up positive so this morning she had come in and said we'd be discharged and 1 hour later she came back and said no the results came back positive. We were so upset. Next step: Ultrasound. So she had an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder before and after voiding, all looked good. 1 kidney is slightly smaller, but it could be due to infection. They are worried about Renial Reflux (where the urine goes back up to kidneys), my sister actually had this issue when she was younger (you can grow out of it with medication over time). We will be following up upon release with a ped-urologist to do dye testing on the urine and kidneys.

So our baby girl is still in NWH, she is eating every 3hours roughly 1.5ounces which is good intake. She is on an antibiotic and will go home on one also, currently it is being given through an IV along with fluids. Sadly I am on a first name basis with the nurses and doctors here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the doctor overseeing Charlotte (she is the McDreamy to hospital for kids, as far as rank and how we described it to Tim lol), we have a huge room with regular bed and pullout for Tim or my mom, who has stayed with me a lot.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and messages.


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