multitasking/managing 2 babies/updates

A few updates and rambles, post is all over the place... much like us lately.

Two babies= multitasking at its finest.  Holding Ms. Charlotte and feeding her using my chin to keep bottle in her mouth while grabbing breakfast for Jack.  That scene happiest daily, only thing missing the crying of one of them.  Still we manage to get out of the house, all 3 (or 4 sometimes) within an hour in the morning.

How?  Not really sure, but to help the process, breakfast is routine for Jack- bowl of oatmeal, thing of yogurt and a cereal bar.  He's a piggy in the morning, and if you forget the cereal bar he yells, tries climbing the dishwasher to get onto the counter to get one himself.  I also pack the diaper bag the night before, restock diapers, formula and snacks.  Routine has helped us.  The double stroller has also been a major help.

We love going to the mall because we are able to walk around, Jack goes on the rides and loves throwing pennies into the fountain.  We have had so much rain this has been the easiest place to go to.

I have to go food shopping at night, run errands quickly when Tim is home before work so I don't have to take kids out, otherwise a 5 minute drink from Starbucks is 20 minutes door to door.   Our playroom is almost complete, then we will regain our living room space, my goal is no toys in there, only downstairs and their room.  I have been purging the closets and have begun to go through Jack's clothing bins to get rid of things (donation, garbage and friends) and keep only a few outfits.  I am starting from the get-go with Charlotte's clothing as she outgrows, so I don't wind up with 8+ bins of clothing only up to 12 months.  I also am labeling everything better to with custom labels I bought for the kids and family from  Everything needs a place and I have no extra space for things I am not going to use.

I got a new SUV!!!  2009 Honda Pilot, I am sooo excited.  We had been looking and I looked at a ton of cars and test drove many also.   Finally the right Pilot came along, right price with right things inside.  It has 3 rows, seats 8 with 4 car seat hookups.  My stroller fits inside too which was super important because with the Ram nothing fit inside when I had 2 seats and when it rained I couldn't go anywhere.  HUGE issue since winter is on its way with snow.  I am in LOVE with it.

Jack and Charlotte make me happy and smile everyday.  Jack cracks up when he sees her, kisses her and puts his head on her for kisses.  He wants to be the one to put the bottle in her mouth but then walks away.  He also likes to "plug her" with the pacifier which is equally adorable.


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