Attitude of Gratitude part 2

11/5:  Starbucks.. without you I would have bad headaches and be crabby more often;)

11/6: Julie- without her I would not be able to get to class each week because I would have no one to watch kids

11/7: DVR: to catch up on my shows after the kids are in bed

11/8:  I am thankful for not having to work currently and spending time with my children

11/9:  Coupons... As Coupon Karen- I have been able to save on somethings and therefore afford other items for my family

11/10:  Tim's coworkers... they all look out for each other and truly are a brotherhood

11/11: All the veterans and men/women serving our country now.  Especially Tim's grandfathers, uncle and Tim.  My friends's who currently have their husbands still serving and Tim's brother who is deployed currently.

11/12:  Tim being so handy.  I can pick a project and he can just do it.  He is very talented.

11/13: Fisher Price Swing.  It was great for Jack and now Charlotte.

11/14:  Activities to keep my family busy and always on the go.


Mrs E said…
This is a great blog!!

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