Attitude of Gratitude Part 3

11/15: Shriner's Children's Hospital for the care and help with Jack.

11/16: Ronald McDonald Houses.  The services they provide are amazing, please donate at McDonalds when they ask you to.  I donate every time.

11/17: My mother.  She helps me with the kids, she helps me with me, she is my rock.  I don't know what I would do without her.

11/18: The microwave, yes I know your thinking huh?  I prepare a ton of my meals in it, warm drinks, etc. Oh how I would be lost without you.

11/19: My car.  My family and I beat you up.  Drop crumbs, make your go long distances,  heck we average 700 miles a week lately.  Without you we wouldn't get to the places we needed or wanted to go to.  Thank you for be reliable and having the room for all of us.

11/20:  Sprout Channel:  You keep my son occupied and his attention with your TV shows.  He loves Chica and Star at night.  As well at Thomas, Barney and Fireman Sam.


Mrs E said…
I've been donating at McDonalds!
all for my little buddy!!

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