Jack's 18 month appointment

Mr. Jack is 22lbs and 33 inches tall as of 11/7/11

I know I always say it but he is active!

  • At library he runs around and climbs and stands on all the chairs, while all the other kids sit with their moms.
  • He climbs on all the couches and uses them to reach light switches, phones (he answers house phone if it rings and he gets to it in time)
  • He is a climber and climbs on anything and everything
  • Goes down the slide at the mall all by himself- over and over.  He runs to the stairs, climbs them and then stands at top of slide, sits and goes down laughing
  • puts his legs in his pants by himself
  • gets his shoes and attempts to put his foot in them
  • loves Deer meat... won't eat normal meats kids have but shovels venison in his mouth at record speeds
  • loves the jets in the tub as well as being blow dried after his bath- can we talk about spoiled
  • Currently receiving OT 
  • Finally in 12-18 month pants but needs a belt
  • moving into size 4 diapers, we don't need to but I think its time because of age and peers
  • Loved Halloween this year and won a prize at an event we went to 
  • Had his 1st lollipop this month, although I am trying to avoid all candy


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