Charlotte's Urologist follow up

So we finally met with the urologist for Charlotte  (I hated the first one).  She has Stage 2 Renal Reflux (urine is going back up into kidneys from bladder).  She is on preventative antibiotic for 1 year with a probiotic every other day.  Also the Dr was surprised that I was never told her kidneys measured small during my ultrasounds.  They are still small, and statistically it is paired with High Blood Pressure in adult hood.  Something for her to look out for.  I am going to be asking my doctor about this when I see her next.
She will have another VCUG at 1 year and we will re-address the situation, as long as she doesn't have too many infections we are fine, otherwise surgery.  Also is she gets a high fever that doesn't seem to be tied to ears or runny nose we call doctor or after house go to hospital for urine test immediately.
They looked at ultrasounds for J had when he was born since he had a hand deformity (they checked his ears and kidneys -all develop at same time). His looked fine, Thank God or we would have had to book a VCUG for him and done preventative care also. 
At this point there are 2 ways this can go long term:
1) It can outgrow itself .  We carefully monitor and try to avoid infections, since a UTI will go right to her kidneys with the reflux and cause damage
2) An infection goes to her kidneys or she doesn't outgrow it = needs surgery to fix it.  We caught it early  so I am hoping to avoid this.  If we go, the surgeon/doctor is one of the best in the area Dr. Franco with PUA

*VCUG is when they put a cathedral into the bladder and inject dye into bladder and take xrays of the bladder and kidneys filling and voiding.  Not a pleasant thing to see be done on a 1 week old or 6 week old. *


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