19 Months!!

Jack is 19 months now.  He is a walking, talking, smartie pants.  I can barely keep up.
We had him evaluated for Speech 2 weeks ago, he didn't qualify because of course he decided to talk and answer questions in front of the ladies who came over.  When shown a book he pointed correctly to all the animals, some we have never gone over before.  He pointed to body parts and said words they asked.  They were impressed by his ability to repeat so quickly.

  • fishie
  • ho-ho-ho
  • char-lot (for charlotte)
  • stinky
  • quack
Are a few of his new ones.  I LOOOVE when he says Char-lot, my heart melts.  Finally we are blowing kisses- he is so stubborn!!  After learning how to tumble in gym class, we now somersault EVERYWHERE!  Swimming has been going awesome the past month.  Walking straight in 3 steps down, kicking, blowing bubbles, going under and jumping into the pool/swim teacher's arms.


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