Charlotte 3 months

Charlotte is 3 months now. 
  • giggles and smiles nonstop
  • laughs when you say "pretty girl"
  • plays on her playmat and grabs and holds onto toys
  • still is sleeping in bassinet because she just started STTN (sleeping through the night) 11p-7a  transitioning into crib will start as soon as she does it for longer than a week, we are on day 3
  • still has pacifier (eek!) will start breaking that after holidays
  • Holds onto her lovies (princess doll and Sophie)
  • likes taking baths
  • 2nd horrible diaper rash happened (1st was at 1week when hospitalized)
  • follows Jack around with her eyes
  • will tolerate belly time if she can see her pretty self in a mirror
  • up to 7oz bottles every 4-5 hours during the day


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