A Week in Review

We have been very busy this week..Gym class, swimming lessons, playing, TV, and Christmas Trees
Playing trains together
Rocking the dog at the MyGym
Playing in history at Children's Museum
Getting our XMAS tree
I got this dad, don't worry!  -Children's Museum
Boss of this Gym...just look at my tie
I love the ball pit
"You can have this one Charlotte"
Ready for the Tree Party
"I love Sprout, you will too sister"

First time in HighChair!!


Mrs E said…
i just love those two.
Charlotte is too cute in her tree party outfit, and "the ball pit boss" was adorable with his tie shirt.
Lindsey said…
They are so cute!! Lily had that same red shirt! I can't remember if I sent that to you or not haha.
Karen said…
Thanks girls.

Lindsey I got it at Gymboree. She has too many holiday outfits this winter. Being a girl is tough work.

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