I Love You Mommy

Will I ever get sick of hearing it?! Hopefully not! Jack tells me a hundred times a day he loves me, each time melting my heart.  Or that I am his best friend, he is so happy that I am his mommy, I have the best ideas, and once again he loves me with more kisses.   The stories are too funny, "out of the mouths of babes" right?

Today I was trying to get the kids in the car to see Grandma, of course all the toys in the backyard make that difficult at times.  Distraction...so I out Char in car and told him to come on, well he ran further back.  Queue hard ball: I got in car, started it and back out of driveway, (I like on a private road which makes this possible).  Suddenly he appeared on walkway and said "no don't leave me!"  So I got out and then put him in seat and buckled it. He goes on to tell me "daddy would be SOOO mad at you, if you left me a bear would come and eat me and no one would see me again.  You would be in big trouble mommy!"  Really a bear?! Is this from our recent hike and bear tracks? The movie Brave and the little boys who turned into bears and the latest toy of reversible boy/bear stuffed toy?

I just have to laugh and hug him for being funny.  Before I forget, outside playing I was sitting in my new patio chair from Target in pink.  Jack walks over and says, " I like your pink chair mommy, where did you get it?"  "Target Jack."  "Oh mommy, Target has the best stuff and you buy it all."  Shh!  don't tell daddy, my little shopping buddy!!  

He is such a lovable little boy, like when he answered the door this morning for "his ladies" (early intervention women for his review) and says go and greets both with huge hugs.  He is a hugger, a charmer, and future ladies man for sure!! I am proud to say I am his mom! 

Recent pictures from hiking:


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