The Tooth Fairy

Jack had to go back to dentist on Friday and we told him his teeth needed to be counted again.  Lucky us he has soft molars that have deep ridges = cavities and sealant.  Thankfully I love our dentist for the kids even though I have to pay more then my insurance actually reimburses me for.  The fact that I was one of her first patients ever, may have something to do with it too.  So off we went...

Jack proceeds to ask me if he will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  I had no idea he even knew about tooth fairy, so I asked him what the Tooth Fairy is.. 

"Mom, she comes at night and takes the tooth I leave under pillow". (Correct..)

"Then she leaves me pennies under my pillow and I wake up with money!!" (Hopefully he keeps up with the pennies under his pillow I think my last tooth was almost $20 from the fairy and that was years ago!) 

"Who told you about the Tooth Fairy, Jack?" 

"No one I just knew, so is she coming?" Thankfully no, all your teeth are staying in place today!

He continues to spit out questions/information like this, no one told him that I know after asking parents, inlaws and Tim.  I live his conversations and our 1:1 time where he really chats with me in complete sentences.  He retains so much, truly a sponge for knowledge. 


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