Blogger Bash 2014 #bbnyc

This two day event in NYC was broken into many events under one great BASH with Bloggers from all over the US.  Networking with fellow bloggers and brands in one  place was awesome.  Starting with Sweet Suite on Thursday afternoon, several hours were spent learning about new products/toys coming out later this summer and fall just in time for holidays.  I was able to check out products I have over looked in stores in the past because I had no idea they were ven out there.  Not to mention some nostalgia toys like Pound Puppies, do you remember them? The mystery of how any puppies would be inside never got old.

Another favorite, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they are back with the new movie coming out, and my kids are just the age I was when my obsession had started.  Now they have Half Shell Hereos for the younger kids, their features are softer, friendlier looking, and down right adorable.  
Half Shell Hereos

KURIO tablets and phones (coming out in October) have kid products which have everything installed to limit, track, and restrict kids from doing things yet they still can do so much, like restrict when phone calls and texts can be made, phone numbers have to be approved and put in by a parent so you know who your child is talking to, GPS to track where they are.   The phones come unlocked and can join different networks or just work off pprepaid phone cards.  I won a Kurio phone and can't wait to try it this fall.  Even with my younger kids, minutes canbe used to call their grandparents which they love to do and use it for learning apps.  

Action shot using the tablet skiing game
MegaBloks was there to show off their line of toys, did you know MegaBloks have different stages and sizes as your kids grow?  We have always had MegaBloks in our house, most recently the Thomas and Friends sets a preschool set and Charlotte has started collecting their Hello Kitty sets which are the smallest block sets they have. I have always been a fan of these toys, they promote creativity, fine motor skills when putting and taking apart the blocks.  My kids have amazing imaginations when they build with these toys and have characters talking to one another and elaborate scenes they create. 

Rooibee Teas makes drinks for everyone, their teas especially the vanilla chai was amazing.  This was the first time I found a bottledf vanilla chai that i enjoyed.  They also made drinks for kids in small bottles perfect for the lunch boxes.  

SPIN MASTER is a new company to my house, we were first introduced to this brand when How to Train Your Dragon 2 was coming out, they are the makers of IONIX building sets, and had individual dragon building sets.  We own all them now, what is unique about these is the characters can move and come with small blocks you open like a puzzle and then piece together.  They are also the makers of PAW PATROL toys, which my kids recently introduced me too.  I should have know animals and fire trucks that they would be interested.  I had no idea they watched the show with the baby-sitter and became hooked.  Spin Master makes toys for all ages and their line is quite impressive. 

Blogger Bash Speed Dating

Land's End Back to School

The night was spent mingling and chatting with blogger friends, sharing our opinions and insights we have expereinced while blogging.  The Team behind Blogger Bash and the Sweet Suite did an amazing job pulling off the event for hundreds of bloggers.

Disclosure:  I received toys from different companies, but as always all opinions are my own and honest. 


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