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I LOVE Apple products but with them you NEED protective cases.  Enter (*)SPECK, at Blogger Bash I met them at their table during KidVuz and was given a ShowFolio to sample.  A ShowFolio is one of the cases in Speck's new Shift Modular System, along with the VentureFolio and ShiftFolio.   These come in sets with frames, or you can get covers separately to interchange with your fame.  I also was able to try the Durafolio, not in the Shift System.

Shift Modular System

ShowFolio, was my first introduction to the Shift Cases.  A great idea for the iPad in the car for those who use them to view videos in the car, perfect for my family since we do that all the time.  The Case has two hooks that come out and hook on the back of the head rest.  The cover tucks under and when you get out of the car the hooks tuck right back in and case covers screen, so you can carry on with your iPad mini like normal.   This is hands down my favorite in the system, because I mainly use one of my minis for work and movies in the car.  The ShowFolio is available on the speckproducts.com website for $59.95.  This is a great product for any iPad Mini owner with kids!  


The Shift and Venture systems will be out soon:  ShiftFolio(Cover) attaches to the frame for a sleek look in a modeled frame.  When the cover is closed it puts the mini in/out of sleep mode too.  ShiftFolio provides all around support and protection and is the most basic of the 3 cases in the system.  It only comes in red/black combination, nice and bold but professional look.  VentureFolio, the third in the system, I LOVE this one because it had sleeves to hold important cards/papers.   I like this one because of the card holders, instantly put my library card inside, when borrowing e-books.  I can see a coffee gift card going in the other side for when I go and sit for hours at the coffee shop reading.  This is also perfect for those who carry around their mini nonstop and want it to hold anything they need, college ID card when going to the cafeteria, classes even?  Ideas are endless.   This case also includes built in magnets for auto sleep/wake.


DURAFOLIO style: I love this case for the iPad as an everyday, in/out of book bag, kid playing use.  Does that make sense?  It's thicker, "drop tested and exceeds military  standards" according to Speck and I can see this.  The Durafolio has 6 color choices, I loved the Fuchsia/White combo for myself, blacks, blues and red combos are available too.  The case prides himself on being slim, durable and textured, has multiple viewing angles.  The cover of the folio is also magnetic for auto on/off sleeping modes and keeps the iPad screen sealed for protection when closed.

SPECK also makes lots of cases for iPhones, iPods, tablets and tech products for other companies, not just Apple.   Also my experience only comes from my iPhone and iPad mini cases.  Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Disclosure:  I was provided with the cases from Speck for review purposes, no other compensation was provided.  All opinions as always are 100% my own and honest. 

Do you want a chance to win the SHOWFOLIO & DURAFOLIO?  Enter at Apple Tots in the Hudson Valley , giveaway ends:  9/18/14 Open to US Residents ONLY.

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