First week down! #BTS #kprocblog

Two weeks ago the kids started preschool and Pre-K at a new school.  It was also their first time full day, they have always been home with me, family or a babysitter, we were all in for an adjustment.  Especially me with getting up early, 2 lunches, 2 snacks, 2 kids plus me dressed every morning and getting there for 8:30am.  We succeeded!

First day of course we took the obligated First Day of School Pictures with their signs.  Tim made sure to be home and off we went, new school! Neither wanted to hold hands, both were excited to get in the classroom and I had to beg for a kiss, phew that was TOO EASY for a drop off.  We went to the main office to turn in paperwork, on the way out we stuck our head back in room to see them.  Jack was playing with some boys at the train table (no surprise there) saw us and waved.  Little Miss Charlotte was in the back with some baby dolls, sees us and yells "daddy" all cute. Then she runs to us at the door and says (as if she was 15) "I thought I told you to leave, you can leave us now, go home".  Wow, while most kids are crying at age 3 and not waiting to leave their parents, my child is bossing us around and yelling at us to leave.  So we did. 

I am extremely happy they had a great first day of school and did not want to come home.  Although with school comes germs, Charlotte had a fever after school, resulting in a doctor visit for my kid who never has a fever. She missed her second day of school.  Although bossing the nail ladies around at her pedicure on Wednesday made her feel better I am sure.  (Don't all 3year olds need a foot bath, exfoliated legs and lotion massage?) 

Jack did great too, each day he woke up asking about when he leaves for school, not wanting to go home and a mid week early pickup to go see Dolphin Tale 2 in NYC.  I was thanked for his "awesome snacks" each day and took his lunch order each night, a PBJ with fruit sides.  

I am so proud of them both, no tears, enjoyed the full day and were so tired by the end of the day bed time each night was wonderfully quick!  I can only hope each week I do have the same results.  The structure, routine and educational experience is helping then both out in so many way.

How was your family's first week back? 


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