Char's Animal Kingdom Birthday Party #charturnsthree

We had Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party on Sunday at Animal Kingdom USA located in Brewster.  I walked in not really knowing what to expect, just that Charlotte would get to see her friends and animals we normally visit at the store but don't get to touch.  The basic party includes 10 kids + birthday girl who is free, decorations, and I was told a fish for kids to take home.  I added an extra 30 minutes and 2 pizzas for the kids to eat also.  So when we showed up I was all excited to see the room set up and we had two party hosts Yann and Theresa.  I think we hit the Jackpot with two of the best party hosts I have ever met!!
Holding a SNAKE!

The girls were brave holding a snake
I brought goodie bags for the kids and had Hello Kitty cookies made too.  Animal Kingdom had a glass fishbowl, beta fish, some food and rocks for each kid and stuffed small froggie in the bowl too for each kid. WOW! Also each kid was given a Safari hat to wear so we knew who was apart of the party and got to keep them.  Super neat!  The cake was DELICIOUS and simple pink and white with Hello Kitty on top, a perfect example is less is more with this cake.  Compliments immediately were received, Animal Kingdom works with CakeSquared for their party cakes. All kids also got balloons to take home and we left with a bunch also. I didn't even need paper goods, literally just had to show up with the birthday girl.

Bearded Dragon climbing on Charlotte
TUBRO with Charlotte, the reason she wanted her party at AKUSA!
The party itself was just as wonderful.  Yann and Theresa explained the rules to the kids, everyone would get a chance to see/touch the animals but certain special things would be for the birthday girl only.  Then they lined them up and headed to the bird area first. Then reptiles, fish and the furry friends.  Turbo came out at the end and the kids were able to feed him bananas, pet him and take photos.  Charlotte's favorites were the Parakeet BoJangles, Snake which she didn't want to take off her neck and of course Turbo the reason we had her party there.  Oh and being able to stand on the ISLAND and feed the fish instead of on the outside.  Fish food was also provided by Animal Kingdom.  Seriously Theresa and Yann rocked!!

I recommend having a party at Animal Kingdom to anyone, it was worth every penny!

Disclosure:  This review is 100% honest and my own and posted purely as a review, nothing was provided by Animal Kingdom USA to me.


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