Back to School with Momtrends

This past week I went to MomTrends Annual Back to School Event.  I love learning about new brands and products I either knew nothing about or did not know enough.  Nicole, Sherri and their team hold a great selection of dos and brands to come together with some of the area's mom influencers.
photo: MomTrends

I started with discussing decorating tips with WallPops. Yes they have decor like wall paper and pretty accents pieces but they also are great with wipe off calendars for family schedules and maps to teach the kids about the USA or the world.  I personally have been using their calendar for three years, I swear by it. Each month I relabel and then add as we go on. 

JOULES is from the other side of the ocean, gaining popularity quickly in the US with a store in NYC too. They have great staple pieces, including rain boots, mommy and me sets and clothing for the kids. Classy flowers, basic stripes and more cover their clothing. I can't wait to order something for Charlotte and I to match in. 

Keen: Outdoor shoe gear now for kids.  We are outside with our animals, in the woods, in the water or just around. Keen has shoes for Jack and Char no matter what they are doing.  I am in love with the boots for girls too. You must check them out for BTS wear. 

VAMOUSSE:  We had some cases of lice in school last year.  Immediately I freaked, well this year we have Vamousse for preventative treatment and they have other products that are chemical free so they can still beat super lice.  

photo: MomTrends
Junior Beads by Chew BeadsI LOVE these.  I have two kids who love to chew or suck on things.  I also work with many children who could benefit from safe chew jewelry, certainly the girls will love the choices and the boys too. I cannot wait for Charlotte to wear these necklaces in the fall. She loves dressing up to begin with!
photo: MomTrends

Yoobi: If you shop at Target you have seen it, bright and bold accessories for school or the office.  For every Yoobi piece purchased one is given back to a classroom in need.  

Mabels Labels:  My go to every school year, as I buy new supplies and bags I label everything, this makes the packing for first day especially easy. Clothing labels are most important since my kids go to private school and every kid has the same sweater and sweatshirts, labels helps with telling them apart.  

Nalgene: I am a lunch packer 4 days a week for the kids. Having the best washable and easiest to organize lunchbox is a must for me. These Nalgene Lunch Box Buddy sets are dishwasher and washing machine safe. The top can double as plate, and you can fit all their food, snacks and drinks inside or clip them on. 

photo: momtrends
Ella's & Earth's Best:  Juices, snacks and meals at your finger tips, lunch packing is even easier now.  I love the packages of vanilla cookies with the ABCs on them. Even dinner time with freezer meals or add ons.  Yummy!
photo: MomTrends

I had such a great time and want to thank MomTrends for the invite and all the sponsors too!


I love Joules "mommy and me sets," they're super cute. Im glad you enjoyed the event!

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