Getting Ready to Sell Our House

Well it's time to sell our house and move.  We need a bigger house, the kids need and want their own rooms, the family as a whole needs more space.  We moved in here April 2010, as a 3 year home with 1 child.  Within 16 months of living here we had two kids and our grew our home.  Now Jack is 6 and Charlotte is turning 5 next month, its time to find a new home.

While here we have done everything to this house we possibly could. New kitchen, trim, deck, patios, roof, expanded yard, doors, paint jobs and drainage.  This lists expands but I won't bore you.   We are looking now for at least 3 bedrooms, preferably a few acres of usable land (woods are great too).  More space inside (rooms), and privacy.  Maybe a farm (joking...kind of).

I would love for this process to be short, we refuse to settle this time.  So if our house sells first, we will rent until finding "it".  The kids are excited as much as they are driving me crazy, as I clean and organize they pull out new stuff and make messes.  This is my first move with kids, tough work!

Wish us luck, house will be officially listed the first week of July!


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