Women and Cars.

The NY Auto Show takes place each spring attracting car enthusiasts and families.  I have attended the past three years for Girls Night Out, run by the She Buys Cars outlet.  I have always loved cars, whether it be the look, brand, speed or features.  My needs have changed over the years as I became a mom, then expanded my family.  My newest is the 2016 Honda Pilot I brought home at the end of December, and in seven months I have driven 15,000 miles.  Craziness, I wonder how many of those miles were just going to Starbucks.

This year at the AutoShow GNO, we heard from several representatives from social media and car companies about the shift in car buying and influence women have in this field.  Did you know women have 80% of the car buying power?  If we are driving we have more to say in what we are driving.  Growing up I know my dad went out and bought the family cars, my mom then drove them. He managed the maintenance and upkeep.  When we have gone out car shopping lately, I test drive, look inside and out.  I still have my husband check out under the hood, and he listens to "the fancy stuff" about the car mechanics.  Ultimately it is what I want, what I want to drive daily. 

I love big- SUVs, Trucks, and Cars. I started at 16 with a "boat", a Dodge Intrepid.  Since marriage my personal vehicles have been a Colorado pick up, Ford Explorer and two Honda Pilots. Don't forget all the trucks and cars Tim has had.  I really want a Suburban or Tahoe, my mom goal. I love the comfort level of bigger vehicles, plus I drive around additional family members often so the more room the better.  

We recently traveled to Edaville USA for Thomas Land with my parents and the kids.  Three generations in a car, needed more room we went with the Chevy Tahoe thanks to District Drive lending us the amazing SUV.  Captain seats, leather, AC in the front seats, DVD player, bluetooth headphones, and more.  We road in comfort for the four plus hour trip north.  This SUV skips nothing inside. Trunk space was perfect of the luggage for all five of us.  In December we had driven up and down Vermont snowboarding as a family and tested the GMC Terrain.  This was perfect for a smaller family without the need for lots of seats and room, but needs amble trunk space. 

Are you a Mini-Van, SUV, Cross Over or Sedan mom?  Most important is what works for you and YOUR family.  Everyone can give advice, but that comes from what works for them, not you always. 

My tips:
  • Look, look and look some more. I suggest even going to see the same car at different dealerships and see what other salesman share.  Also different models.  The first Pilot I drove had no pick up, it was the basic model and I hated it.  I needed some power. 
  • Test Drive. Take it our for a spin, local and highways if you can. You want to see how it drives everywhere. 
  • Bring a carseat and try it out. Unfortunately they don't always fit in every car, the way you want, you may have to change position in your new vehicle. 
  • Go in with your must have list when car shopping.  My list was leather seats, 3rd row and DVD player.  Everything else was extra in my mind. 

I am already dreaming of my next vehicle, its just a few years away.


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