Friday, December 28, 2012

Surveys, Product Reviews and More

in late August I started doing surveys for money, it is not much put in 4 months over $400 is better then nothing, right?! I thought i would share and offer referrals to my readers. Start saving for 2013!!

MySurvey: I do surveys daily for them and save up my points for Amazon Giftcards or PayPal $$ you are able to cash in starting at 1100pts for $10 and most surveys are 50-150points each when completed.  I average $25 a month on here.  for a referral please leave a comment with email and I will send you, also put mysurvey in the comment so I know which one to send.

CrowdTap:  I do quick 1 question "surveys" all the time.  Points and levels are redeemable for many prizes (including amazon gifts cards).  My favorite though is the Sample and Shares through them.  I have done 2 now for OldNavy.  They send coupons, you go to the store get FREE stuff and submit your review and pictures.  First one was CardiParty and 3 friends and I EACH received a Scarf, Skirt and Cardigan for free, over $60 worth of clothing free EACH! Second one was Sweater Party and just myself and sister received ANY sweater in store for free. Still a good deal!  They worth with many other companies for Sample and Shares too. click here to join!

Global Test Market:  I receive 5-10 surveys daily. I receive/qualify for about half of them.  I earn the MOST on this and the rewards come int he form of a check straight to your mailbox in 4-6weeks. EASY!!  I started in August and have cashed out for $253 since then. Sometimes you also get product samples to try, relevant to you, I have had 4 of these: baby products, food, and household items. Once again not bad for doing a few nightly surveys. If you would like a referral email, please leave your email adress and GTM in comments and I will send you one ASAP.

House Party:  I have been doing this for 3 years now, maybe more? I have received a few awesome parties, most recently a Huggies Potty Training Party coming up in January.

Community Focus Groups:  Through the different survey companies above I have qualified for consumer focus groups which pay in Amazon GCs and products. My first was back in September and I received a Quinny Stroller and $40 for Amazon.  Currently I am in 2 groups and am paid $15 monthly in Amazon GCs to answer at least 4 tasks 1 month, those include polls, answering others questions and posting comments. Easy money for 10-15 minutes a month.  These also include products to try sent to your house. These come from MySurvey and GlobalTest Market

ValuedOpinions: This is a harder one to earn on, but still worth it.  Each survey has a dollar value, I receive around 9 a week and qualify for maybe half of them.  So it does take longer to earn.  You can cash out every time you hit $20 or more, for different gift cards- Amazon, Macys, iTunes, Visa and travel.  I have cashed out once, and have $27 ready to cash out, and 13 pending as of tonight, but I am waiting for more before I cash out here. All surveys are at least $1 and up to $5. If you would like a referral to this company, once again leave your email in comments with VO in your comments also.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Girls weekend

This past weekend: Thursday to Monday, I went away for a girls weekend. We went in celebration of our friend's birthday, for R&R and some fun. We caught up on sleep, indulged in food (goodness is questionable), and laid in the sun or sat in hot tub on ship.
Even without our kids with us, left in hands of all the daddies, my kids sent me off with a stomach bug which lasted roughly a day, then was shared with Claire (poor thing). Also "taking out" Tim, his parents, his brother and our kids. Fun times, I am sure ;).
All in all it was a good time with some hiccups by Carnival. Hopefully they improve them before any of us take out next cruise, longer cruises seem to e so much better, service, boat, attractions, then the weekend ones. We shared laughs, jokes, and sadness for the people of Newtown while away, watching CNN from the ship, thinking of our kids back at home.
Our flight was delayed, yet as I write this we are flying back (blogging from mid-air), ready to embrace our all loved ones. AND plan the next trip .

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finished! All done! Never again?!?

I have officially finished my Graduate Degree!

I should have my diploma soon, and now have to pay the state and mail them many documents to receive my professional certification and extra license extensions for teaching. I am anxious about my grades because I have busted my butt now for 5 semesters. (Update: 3.9!! my hard work paid off!)

When I started at Lehman Sept 2010,  J was 4 months old and I had just started a new job. My first two semesters, I was a new mom and employed full time and my 3rd semester started off with me having a baby and staying home. Even then I took the first 10 days off and went back to class the same day C got out of the hospital because of her renal reflux. I was determined. After being laid off,  I went back again taking more classes to finish as quick as possible, 3 class semesters when norm there was 2.  Since I did not have to student teach, once again challenging myself with more work, I decided to pursue the early education field to get those extra licenses.

These two classes, though very interesting and informative for me both as a parent and teacher, provided more work in one semester then any other before it. I did learn but boy was it stressful. (Another reason I was excited to run off for a girls weekend after a rough semester).

So for now, I need to find a job, in the early education/intervention field,  a home worker is what I hope to become so I can still be home with kids and continue to take them on all the adventures we go on.  I am ready to see what 2013 will bring me career wise. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dino Lingo

After seeing this on another site, I checked out the videos on youtubes for samples of their DVDs.  These videos are adorable learning tools.  The main characters being dinosaurs are even better, Jack loves Dinos.
What do you think?? I would love to try some more of these DVDs.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pinterest inspired baby boardbook

So I saw this idea on Pinterest and a few days letter at Wendy's we got a book in our happy meal..let the games begin.

On photoshop I made a 4.25x4.25 template for the pictures to go in. Then with a text box I added the labels. I printed in white card stock. I put modge podge on each page of the book and back on printed picture, press and smoothed page. Lastly, once semi-dry I put modge podge on top of card stock photo and let dry.

End result: a cute book that shows our family.

Grad School...

is consuming my life.  I have 4 weeks left with a total of 7 classes.  I choose these 2 classes as electives, well I have had more work, papers and reports in just one of them then I did in my past 10 classes including my Thesis paper and research paper, its killing me.  I don't need these classes either, I chose them to fulfill the credits for the degree itself.  I am kicking myself for challenging myself.  I know in the end it will all work out, I will have the degree and 2 additional licenses in NYS.  I started in Sept 2010 and completed in 5 semesters.  Not bad for starting with a 4 month old and adding a second child during it also.
Now if only I could find a job, I have been applying, was offered 2 jobs since the summer but were an insult pay wise.  Looking into substituting after holidays, we'll see.  Fingers crossed for a full time, well paying gig.

Give me a few more weeks and blog will pick up again.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! I bought a TON of costumes after last Halloween 11 for the kids this year, each costume no more then $4. We did Trick or Treating (ToT) at Stew Leonard's on Thursday, Ragamuffin Parade and Tilly Foster's Farm in Brewster on Saturday, Pawling's town event Sunday and then ToT in Pawling on Halloween.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy Part 2

We wound up being without power from 6:30 Monday night until Thursday (today) around 11am.  We got home at noon, so not 100% sure when it came on.   The kids were very good throughout.  They were up at Tim's parents house at night for warmth while Tim and I dealt with the dog and generator at home.  Our generator is tiny, we had a lamp, fridge and at night TV hooked up to watch a movie. (both night Tim passed out before movie ended).  Tuesday while the kids were at in-laws we went out to cut down trees for people, he cut I hauled the branches. We make a good team.
Wednesday, I took the kids to the mall with my father and sister and ran errands.  The mall was chaos, we didn't last long. Trick or treating at night in Pawling was fun, Jack LOVES candy.  We took them back home and they went straight to bed.

PS. Jack has done AWESOME the first 2 nights of having his big boy bed.  Sleeps through the night and got up at or after 8:30am.  Go Jack!! Waiting for his Thomas sheets to arrive and then order his bed spread.

Today (Thursday) Jack had swimming, my little fishie is a jumping fool!We came home to power...woohoo!  Thankfully our families were all safe during the storm. Hope your's did too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurrican Sandy part 1??

We are batting down the hatches. Jack got his big boy bed set up today and Thomas sheets ordered.  Now I just have to swap bedding over for Charlotte to his old crib.

We have been busy the past 2 weeks since last updates. 3 halloween functions (hopefully we'l have a 4th Wednesday with trick or treating). Bronx Zoo trip...awesome time! Tim's home on vacation for almost a month total, so we are also loving him being home.

I am organizing pictures now and will post tons soon promise.  xoxo

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little People Palooza at the Bronx Botanical Gardens

Saturday the 13 Fisher Price was hosting a LP Palooza at the Botanical Gardens, my sister Kim and I decided to bring the kids a few weeks back.
Saturday morning, we picked her up, got our Starbucks and set out to the Gardens. Jack was ready to see his favorite toys in action, Michael, Eddie and Sonya were there Live singing and dancing. Both kids were mesmerized by them, watching intently at first and them Jack danced in the on the steps, clapping and singing along too.

It was a short show, so after we head to the Children's Garden so Jack could run around and they had other toys and FP sponsored play area, parade and pumpkins everywhere- carved out or made into figures. Jack and Charlotte had a ball. We didn't have enough time or we would have stayed much longer, going back is on our list of things to do.


Day out with Thomas

We decided to go to The Day out With Thomas in PA September 16th.  My parents were gracious enough to order tickets and book the hotel we'd stay in over night. So off we went! The hotel was awesome, we plan on going back in the spring time to stay there again, dosimeter outlet shopping and Dutch Wonderland Amusement park too!

Here is a recap of some of the events with Thomas!
leaving hotel to see Thomas
Sir Topham Hat
with cousin Frederick
getting ready for our photo-op many people to organize
even Charlotte got in on the action
Grandma and her favorites

More pictures will be added soon.