Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crayola Factory

We went to the Crayola Factory and Store on Sept 15 on the way down to the Thomas train. It was super cute, though I would recommend it for 3yr+ and you need more time to complete the crafts. We skipped the painting activities with kids because of mess and time restrictions. Since we got there 1 hour before close and the recommend 2 hours, kids were fee and we paid 1/2 off for the adults so it was only $12 to walk in.

I would have been upset if we did pay a full $36, since it was Charlotte friendly and much was advance Jack. It was nice to see it so we can plan to go back when kids are older and spend longer doing everything inside.

Cardi Party!!

I recently had a Cardi Party through Crowdtap. My guests and I received, a skirt, cardigan and scarf at Old Navy. Each set retailed for $65 or more, depending on the styles we picked out. How sweet?! Total on our receipts= $0

My mom, friend Christine and I all picked out same sweaters, as seen is this picture. Only my sister was different in Cardi picking, she did green. What a fun experience!!! We love Old Navy clothes for the whole family.


Our weekend vacation/getaway includes a little something for everyone. For Tim that was stopping at Cabela's a Mecca of hunting and everything outdoors for him. Where one can eat at the store and choose between Moose Burgers, Elk, Venice, Boar OR if you are the kids or me: pizza and mac&cheese LOL.

We stopped in Hamburg, PA of i78 and spent 3 hours inside, and Tim complained because he hasn't seen it all. So on the way home we had to stop BACK at Cabela's for almost another 2 hours. The second trip included my parents who had never been inside one before and they were impressed.

5 hours in a store with kids?!?! We went through the aquarium a few times, the Deer exhibit (or as Jack calls them "moo cows"), more fish in a po with a stuffed Moose in the center, toy department. Jack's other favorite place: camping department. He hid out in the tents and laid on the beds under sleeping bags. I stayed there while he played for over 20 minutes.

All of walked out with goodies: Tim the most of course. A North Face hoodie for the mom, pink camo pjs with butt flap for Ms. Charlotte and a deer "moocow" blanket for Jack. Oh and not to forget the 5lb bucket of pretzels that Jack insisted we're his and held onto for his dear life until he passed back out in the car.

Up next.... Hotel, Train stores and THOMAS TRAIN!!

if only he stayed sleeping the whole time we were there

Puff container bowling pins

I decided to be crafty, my house goes through these things every few days. What's a fun activity we can do with these? BOWLING! So I saved up 10 (6 can be used too for smaller set).
1. collect containers 6-10
2. glue rim of lid to container, use Tacky Glue or Hot Glue
3. Color (red or I did a Pink color) around the middle (gerber has 2 pronounced rings)

4. almost done!
5. colored, numbers 1-10 and drying
6. complete!  I had 1 blue cap from a newer container so I used that for #1
Any ball can do, younger the child the bigger the ball 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hit a rut!

I swear it is my own fault.  If I stopped shopping, I would have less to clean up and put away.  Shopping is so much fun, and when the kids and I have nothing to do we walk the mall leading to buying cute clothes for them and me.  We "cheaper" things to do.  My house is a mess right now.  Thomas trains and Little People are everywhere, living room, kitchen, kids bedroom and basement.

I feel like every time I pick them up the Tornado and Hurricane come through and its back.  So I came up with the attitude why bother?  I quit cleaning up after them, but refused to add more toys to the collect in the living room. Nothing has changed, except that I didn't have to clean=less stress for this momma.  The other person I quit picking up after is.. Tim!  Seriously how hard is it to put away laundry?  It would take 10 minutes, the same amount of time spent shifting it back and forth between the dresser and the bed.  One of these days it will be on the lawn... I will take pictures.

My rut will end soon. If nothing else in December when I go away for a few days without the kids and Tim for a girls weekend to Miami and Bahamas! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

addicted to shopping??

Today had a Starbucks deal and one for Mystic Aquarium.  Then had tutus for Charlotte, throw in shutterfly photobook, prints from Snapfish and some mall shopping last night at Gap for Charlotte and DSW for shoes for me.  I think I have an "issue".

Yesterday, we booked a hotel in PA for the Day Out with Thomas Train.  We think we are going to treat the kids to a day at Sesame also, they are not major fans, since it is not on Sprout (full episodes at least).

Next major purchase?? Computer, I am now leaning towards a Mac desktop instead of a Macbook though.   Weighing my options, with my need for photo space and photoshop.. it seems my answer has been made though.  A little more research and few more stops in the Apple store will help me decide I am sure.

If only I could make money spending money!

Bedroom Switch

We have switched bedrooms with the kids.  Jack is moving into a twin bed soon (should be here in October) since Charlotte needs a bigger crib (Jack's) and her crib turns into a twin.  Begin the big swap!  It made sense, the kids play in the room all the time, twin bed space, toys galore and we are never in our room.  Also since we can't list our house this winter like previously played since I am not working yet, we needed to be creative.

We only have a few things left to do, new curtains in the kids room, I need a white to match the walls better.  Paint in our bedroom, I really want a shade of pink and brown and Tim is saying no... who will win?  Shelf for kids room, repaint shelf in our room, look for bedding for Jack to match their new room.

Everything went smoothly, I started by emptying our room our and into living room, so Tim and I could move out kids room.  Also I was able to wash and shine the floors again, every square inch, what a workout.


The kids love their room, as does everyone who has seen it. I still need to finish with the curtains, I think I found a quilt for Jack's new bed.  Tim bought paint for our room, grey tones again (which I love so its okay).  That will get painted soon.  Charlotte loves emptying out all the toys, Jack likes to throw them which means their room is a disaster zone 90% of the time.

Here is a glimpse of the process:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Subway Baby Stats artwork

Now that I changed the kids' room, I am adding fun stuff to their walls.  I have "pinned" the subway art a few times and then someone I know did it and posted it, so I jumped on the computer and got to making.

1- On PowerPoint I made the designs, changed fonts around and colors, then plugged in Jack and Charlotte details.

2- Printed on CARD STOCK (important step! whether you choice to then attach to wood or just frame, card stock is the way to go.

3- Cut wood (my master wood crafter did this part).  My design through printed on 8x11 paper, was only 7x9 when I trimmed the excess off using my paper cutter

4- Painted the edges and front of the wood, any color you want (I choose cream and a tan which I added cream to so it was even lighter for the edges). The back of the wood you can drill a nail hole, or I like to use Commando strips so I skipped the whole.

5- Once dry Modge Podge the front of the wood and place cardstock on top (smooth out bubbles with a  a dry towel (I used paper towel)

6.  Once it dries, sand again for desired look, sanding on edges of paper that lays on wood to "distress it", looks nice and some sanding burn marks on wood.

7. Apply more Modge Podge over entire front LET DRY.

8. HANG UP!!

Charlotte turned 1!!!!

Princess Charlotte aka drama queen aka fainting goat, turned 1 on Sunday the 26th. We celebrated under 2 tents and around the yard with almost 100 of our closest friends and family.  She is loved for sure, between the toys, clothing (which she has enough through the spring at least) and other presents received, spoiled doesn't begin to describe it. 

Her 1 year appointment was the following day and she is doing great.
  • 29 inches
  • 20lbs 12ounces
  • 18 inch head circumference 
  • walks
  • waves hi and bye
  • claps
  • follows directions
  • climbs stairs
  • drinks out of sippy cups: water and formula
  • enjoys chicken nuggets which must be whole and she must feed herself
  • in size 4 diapers (same as brother)
  • 12-18 month clothing
  • size 3 shoe
Fainting goat:  Charlotte holds her breathe when upset/crying and faints.  This happens 1 time a day if not more, all because she either didn't get her way or hit her head (Jack pushes a toy into her).  Doctor said its nothing to worry about but will get worse if she gets the reinforcement she wants (us holding her and making a big deal out of it).  So we have to let her do her thing, which is easier said then done.

I will post more pictures soon, the Shutterfly book has been made for her birthday already, I will share it soon.