Subway Baby Stats artwork

Now that I changed the kids' room, I am adding fun stuff to their walls.  I have "pinned" the subway art a few times and then someone I know did it and posted it, so I jumped on the computer and got to making.

1- On PowerPoint I made the designs, changed fonts around and colors, then plugged in Jack and Charlotte details.

2- Printed on CARD STOCK (important step! whether you choice to then attach to wood or just frame, card stock is the way to go.

3- Cut wood (my master wood crafter did this part).  My design through printed on 8x11 paper, was only 7x9 when I trimmed the excess off using my paper cutter

4- Painted the edges and front of the wood, any color you want (I choose cream and a tan which I added cream to so it was even lighter for the edges). The back of the wood you can drill a nail hole, or I like to use Commando strips so I skipped the whole.

5- Once dry Modge Podge the front of the wood and place cardstock on top (smooth out bubbles with a  a dry towel (I used paper towel)

6.  Once it dries, sand again for desired look, sanding on edges of paper that lays on wood to "distress it", looks nice and some sanding burn marks on wood.

7. Apply more Modge Podge over entire front LET DRY.

8. HANG UP!!


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