Hit a rut!

I swear it is my own fault.  If I stopped shopping, I would have less to clean up and put away.  Shopping is so much fun, and when the kids and I have nothing to do we walk the mall leading to buying cute clothes for them and me.  We "cheaper" things to do.  My house is a mess right now.  Thomas trains and Little People are everywhere, living room, kitchen, kids bedroom and basement.

I feel like every time I pick them up the Tornado and Hurricane come through and its back.  So I came up with the attitude why bother?  I quit cleaning up after them, but refused to add more toys to the collect in the living room. Nothing has changed, except that I didn't have to clean=less stress for this momma.  The other person I quit picking up after is.. Tim!  Seriously how hard is it to put away laundry?  It would take 10 minutes, the same amount of time spent shifting it back and forth between the dresser and the bed.  One of these days it will be on the lawn... I will take pictures.

My rut will end soon. If nothing else in December when I go away for a few days without the kids and Tim for a girls weekend to Miami and Bahamas! 


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