Bedroom Switch

We have switched bedrooms with the kids.  Jack is moving into a twin bed soon (should be here in October) since Charlotte needs a bigger crib (Jack's) and her crib turns into a twin.  Begin the big swap!  It made sense, the kids play in the room all the time, twin bed space, toys galore and we are never in our room.  Also since we can't list our house this winter like previously played since I am not working yet, we needed to be creative.

We only have a few things left to do, new curtains in the kids room, I need a white to match the walls better.  Paint in our bedroom, I really want a shade of pink and brown and Tim is saying no... who will win?  Shelf for kids room, repaint shelf in our room, look for bedding for Jack to match their new room.

Everything went smoothly, I started by emptying our room our and into living room, so Tim and I could move out kids room.  Also I was able to wash and shine the floors again, every square inch, what a workout.


The kids love their room, as does everyone who has seen it. I still need to finish with the curtains, I think I found a quilt for Jack's new bed.  Tim bought paint for our room, grey tones again (which I love so its okay).  That will get painted soon.  Charlotte loves emptying out all the toys, Jack likes to throw them which means their room is a disaster zone 90% of the time.

Here is a glimpse of the process:


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