Crayola Factory

We went to the Crayola Factory and Store on Sept 15 on the way down to the Thomas train. It was super cute, though I would recommend it for 3yr+ and you need more time to complete the crafts. We skipped the painting activities with kids because of mess and time restrictions. Since we got there 1 hour before close and the recommend 2 hours, kids were fee and we paid 1/2 off for the adults so it was only $12 to walk in.

I would have been upset if we did pay a full $36, since it was Charlotte friendly and much was advance Jack. It was nice to see it so we can plan to go back when kids are older and spend longer doing everything inside.


Unknown said…
sober? well i would hope u were sober when u went!! lol..
Unknown said…
sober??? well i hope u would be sober when doing this!!! lol

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