Charlotte turned 1!!!!

Princess Charlotte aka drama queen aka fainting goat, turned 1 on Sunday the 26th. We celebrated under 2 tents and around the yard with almost 100 of our closest friends and family.  She is loved for sure, between the toys, clothing (which she has enough through the spring at least) and other presents received, spoiled doesn't begin to describe it. 

Her 1 year appointment was the following day and she is doing great.
  • 29 inches
  • 20lbs 12ounces
  • 18 inch head circumference 
  • walks
  • waves hi and bye
  • claps
  • follows directions
  • climbs stairs
  • drinks out of sippy cups: water and formula
  • enjoys chicken nuggets which must be whole and she must feed herself
  • in size 4 diapers (same as brother)
  • 12-18 month clothing
  • size 3 shoe
Fainting goat:  Charlotte holds her breathe when upset/crying and faints.  This happens 1 time a day if not more, all because she either didn't get her way or hit her head (Jack pushes a toy into her).  Doctor said its nothing to worry about but will get worse if she gets the reinforcement she wants (us holding her and making a big deal out of it).  So we have to let her do her thing, which is easier said then done.

I will post more pictures soon, the Shutterfly book has been made for her birthday already, I will share it soon. 


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