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I drive hundreds of miles a week out doing stuff with the kids and working from my car.  This mom on the go needs organization, its key, my trunk and front seat double as an office for me.  I have many things inside my car but the following 4 things stand out as my mommy musts:

1:  Britax CarSeat Set-  my kids are messy, I have leather seats for easy cleaning but even with them, the kids and their car seats still make a mess.  The Britax Rubber Mat has saved my seats, I only wish I had bought them earlier then I did.  The mats catch liquids, crumbs, toys, and everything else you can think of. Char split a juice box in her seat and everything was pooled on mat to clean up, spray off and place back on seat.  The set also comes with a seat protector/organizer to hang on back of seat infront of where kids sit so if they kick with shoes on nothing gets on my seat and they can keep "must have" objects within their reach.  The window sun shades only work in my back windows for 3rd row because those windows don't move which is perfect for my 3rd row seater.

2. NewTrent Dual Car Charger: With all my electronics in the car and the kids' products I need extra USB chargers.  I love this dual charger simply because I can do two devices at once and not use up two outlets.  Also in the 2nd row of my SUV I have one outlet, with this both kids can charge their iTouches simultaneously.  Save the money cheap single chargers and spend the $10+/- on this charger.

3. ShowFolio:  Long rides, road trips, SANITY?  This iPad Mini holder is a must for the kids, clipping on to the back of any headrest, the kids can watch a movie, TV show or even just listen to their iTunes play list and I am not worried about it being dropped, spilled on or them fighting since no one can touch it. Score for mommy!

4. ThirtyOne Bags Large Utility Tote- This is my catch all in the bag for the car, its large, durable and the long handles make it especially handy to carry in when its packed with stuff.  I use this bag to bring toys/papers between the car and house.  With Jack and Char they are bringing toys in all the time and somehow those toys stay in the car.  Every few days I am able to throw everything in to come back in the house.  These bags are also easy to clean if anything spills or it gets dirty.   

Disclosure:  This post is 100% my own opinion, affiliate links are embedded in the post.  No companies have sponsored this post.  Just products I use and support.


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