Charlotte turns 3 #disasterbaby

Charlotte turns 3 on the 26th, and these past 3 years have been one crazy story with her.  She is a ball of energy, feisty, independent and smart.  If you ask her she says she is turning 26, not 3, until you ask her real age which is back at 3.  26 she is, her diva behavior, her smart mouth, and her problem solving skills are quite impressive.   She can keep up with anyone, most recently rocking out on a dirt bike with training/balance wheels added to it.

Birth, 1, 2, 3 photos from JCPenney Portraits 
Charlotte is starting full-time preschool this year too, honestly I have no worries, last year the first day of her Twos program she didn't even want me to walk in with her, just blew me a kiss and walked in.  I am sure she will do the same in just under 3 weeks and make new friends.  Her brother will be there too on a second floor, I am sure she will see him throughout the day, probably to just bother him..  Then again I did catch them sleeping together holding hands the other night.

In the 3 years she has been alive she has taught me a lot as a mother to a girl, mainly she is my mini-me and the fact my mom had 2 kids after I was born she deserves a medal, LOL.  Charlotte's love for Tim is unconditional, from the minute he walks in the door to she goes to bed they are attached at the hip.   Daddy's girl she is, she wants to be a "motorcycling riding forewoman with pink coat" when she grows up to be like him.  Oh how I can never imagine not having Charlotte in our my life.

She loves her Harley Boots and Shirt like Daddy


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