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Back to School is approaching and Mabel's Labels is what you need.  I have been a Mabel's Labels user for over 4 years now.  Jack, Charlotte and I use these labels on everything, and I love that they have many styles for clothing, bottles, shoes and general gear you use.

Their labels can be washed in dishwashers and washing machines without losing them, they stay on for years, I personally have sippy cups 3.5 years with labels still going strong!! I have my books, electronics and coffee cups labeled with my name. This year I added them on beach toys, towels and in their bookbags too.   For work they are a great because I use them on toys, going in and out of places all day, I am bound to lose things.  This way people can return my things and they are also a great conversation piece.

They are have Write Away Labels sold in stores if you can't wait for shipping and need them right now, otherwise I say order online, the amount of designs, colors and combinations on Mabel's Labels website is not to be missed. 
 By the way, one of the co-founders, Julie, is a mom of SIX!!! She shared great tips on running her house in the morning to get six elementary students out on time: teaching them independence!!!

I got the Ultimate Back to School Combo for the kids this year:
Teeny Tags
Shoe Labels
Tag Mates

Disclosure:  I received a set of Mabel's Labels at an event and was sent a set for my kids.  Before that I have been a BuzzMama for years as I 100% love these labels.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions are 100% my honest opinions.


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