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I was recently invited to attend a pre conference event for NicheParent14 in NYC at Dylan's Candy Bar for Elf on the Shelf.  Super fun Saturday with Christa Pitts, (Daughter/sister of Elf on the Shelf authors Carol and Chandra) one of the original kids to have an Elf on the Shelf!   Christa gave us a quick background on how everything came to be, even sharing that in 2004 every agent they brought the idea to turned them down. They decided to publish the story themselves in 2005 with 5000 copies in the first batch.  As of today, they wrote and directed a movie special on CBS and had a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Scout the Elf.  So much accomplishment for a family who pursued their dream even when people tried to stop them.   Carol and Chandra are former teachers and very supportive of schools.  They love that is has been educational for kids to learn and use their writing skills for the elf.  Kids call the "North Pole", send letters and online they also have a teacher portal with lessons that teachers can use and access during the holiday time. Most importantly Christa shared that much like bloggers, when they made this book they needed to know audience, and who they were writing too, also focus small in beginning and not loose focus.  Much more personal this way.

Happy Birthday from Elf on the Shelf!! If your kid(s) are like my kids, they cannot wait from Elfie and Elfette to come every Christmas season and then fly back to the North Pole Christmas Eve after Santa deliveries their presents on Christmas morning.  While our elves are here they do fun things while the kids sleep each night after they return from reporting to the North Pole.  Maybe your Elf doesn't do things, believe me there are times I wish I never started with being creative since now they expect it.  Rules of the Elf: hibernates at adoption centers until they are named, elf does not talk and can't be touched by kids or it will loose "magic" BUT Elf can talk to parents and goes back to report at North Pole each night.  Elf takes on the personality of the family, so creativity is up to you!

Well for the other 11 months our elves are hiding, speaking of that I need to look for them.  Now the woman behind Elf of the Shelf came up with a birthday story, make sure you read the story to the kids before you start so your can follow the directions.  Essentially your elf comes back just for 1 day, your child's birthday, the book comes with a Claus Couture  Collection birthday outfit- an adorable cupcake skirt and hat.  Charitable donation of $1 is made for every Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition  kit both to CHARITY WATER.

Will your elf decorate your child's chair for their birthday.  Want to have even more birthday fun, you should check out the Birthday Countdown & Game, each day you move the cupcake as your countdown to the birthday and the reserve side is a game much like pin the tail  but its candles on the cake.


  • Birthday kits can be bought at TRU and other local retailers. These retailers are called ADOPTION CENTERS which is easier to explain to your kids why they see elves in stores even though they come from the North Pole
  • 2 Facebook pages for Elf on the Shelf- one geared towards kids and other is adult oriented
  • 2 mobile apps-game oriented are out currently
  • 2 mobile apps about to launch HUGE! 1 adults & 1 kids
  • Bilingual and French Editions for Original Elf on the Shelf 
  • Chef Outfit comes with cookie cutter set
  • Jersey and Skirts for Elves (with outfits leave them out at night and elf flies into them when he gets back from NP)
Elf Pets- Reindeer come out 11/2 !!  Reindeer work of the magic of Christmas your child shares with it, by playing and giving hugs.

Disclosure:  I have been an Elf on the Self user for 3 years now with my kids, I was invited as media to event and did receive a gift bag with the items pictures in my post.  All opinions are my own and as always 100% honest.


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