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Office Set Up - Woman Cave

Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  I have included affiliate links.   If used we receive money from the sale.  Thanks! It helps fund my Starbucks obsession and mom business;) 
As we have now been in this house 6 months, I have continued to decorate, arrange and fill out space.  My office has been a work in progress, and I am still perfecting it to have everything I want and need but not more.

Running a home business and as an independent teacher for an agency, I have to be able to have my schedule accessible and know what is going on and when.  I also wanted and more likely needed a space of my own.  My kid free, husband free zone.  Where I can hide, write, watch TV, craft, basically whatever I want.  Did I mention using it to hide?

When we moved in, I had 3 desks inside, all sorts of furniture, left and collected I piled in.  As I started to organize and get rid of things I was able to minimize.  I went down to 2 desks.  One for computers and one as a work space.  I knew I wa…

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