Week 4 Favorite Things

Week 4:
  1. Favorite (or Dream) Job
  2. Favorite vacation spot
  3. Favorite Book
FAVORITE JOB: Working with kids.  Whether that be while I teach or being a mom, working with kids is my passion.  I mean a supermodel with millions of dollars does sound good too but realistically... teaching it is.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT:  WARM.  I love Disney and the area surrounding with the beaches and entertainment.  I also loved Bermuda and Horseshoe Bay where I jumped off cliffs.  Going trend is warm with beaches.

FAVORITE BOOK: I have so many favorites.  I love They Cage the Animals at Night which I wrote about in my last blog challenge.  I also love Jennifer Lancaster's books for the past few years I have been trapped inside her life and it's been fun.

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