After Baby Body

I am ALMOST back at pre-pregnancy weight (8.5 months later).  I am happy, I am 139lbs down from 182 when Jack was born though up from 125 where I started before getting the BFP August 2009.  Ideally I need to lose 5 more, since I had said I wanted to keep 10 lbs on to loose the anorexia look I had going according to some.
Big questions:
How do I shrink my butt and hips?
How long do you hold onto your "skinny" clothes before you do give up and donate?
Any other secrets you know to share?


Jenn said…
When you find out how to shrink your butt let me know. LOL I try to do squats and lots of stairs in the hopes that it works.

I still have some of my "skinny" clothes. I went through them a while back & tossed anything that wasn't fashionable anymore, which pretty much left me with jeans. But now I'm starting to fit into them again so I need to tell my husband "I told you so".

I don't have any other secrets other than don't deprive yourself of something. If you want a cookie, have one...just don't have the whole bag ;) I find myself wanting something a lot more if I completely limit myself from having it.
Karen said…
Well you are doing fab on your diet! That is very exciting about telling A I told you so. That s the best feeling no matter what's it about right??

Thanks Jenn!

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