Favorites WEEK 1

The prompts for this week are:
  1. Favorite Song
  2. Favorite Food
  3. Favorite day of the week
Favorite Song:
This one is a hard one.  I have so many songs that have gotten me through different times.  Linkin Park's song I have youtubed below.  Seventy times Seven by Taking Back Sunday.   Time of Your Life by Green Day is another one I LOVE!  Brings me back to middle school dances every time.

Favorite Food:
Chicken!!  I seriously could eat chicken everyday of the week.  I love chicken in my soup, salads and as a main course.  Tim gets sick of my request for chicken so much though.  Jack's first meat..CHICKEN.  

Favorite Day of the Week:
Saturday because 9 times out of 10 I get to sleep in until 10am or later.  Tim usually helps out with Jack and lets me sleep after working a long and busy week.  


Teenie said…
I love it. Chicken! LOL We eat a lot of chicken here too. I wonder if chocolate covered chicken would be good.....

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