Week 2 Favorites

Week 2:
  1. Favorite piece of clothing
  2. Favorite Superhero
  3. Favorite Movie
4. Favorite Piece of Clothing:  Other than jeans my robe.  It was my Grandma's robe and she wore it only one time in the months before she passed.  It is pink, fluffy and reminds me of her.  I am usually found it in late at night or on the weekends. Nothing is better than a warm robe that brings back thoughts of a great person.

5. Favorite Superhero: This one is a tough one for me, since I don't really watch Superhero movies or cartoons and never really did growing up.  Do the Ninja Turtles Count?  They stopped crime and wore cool costumes.  I loved them as a kid more then my brother, having birthday parties with their theme for 2 years in a row.  

6. Favorite Movie:  LOVE ACTUALLY- Tim and I went on our first date to this Thanksgiving 2003.  In 2005 for Christmas we BOTH bought a copy of the movie for each other, how cute is that.  We watch it during the holidays, we are suckers for Holiday movies.


Anonymous said…
What a great, sentimental piece of clothing =)

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