Week 3 Favorites

Week 3 Prompts:
  • Favorite TV show, or one that is most like your family
  • Favorite Store to Shop at
  • Favorite Recipe
Favorite TV Show:
I started watching this show in 2003 (freshman year of college), when it first aired.  I own every Season on DVD and have watched every season.  Tim will watch some episodes with me, his favorite character Dan is no longer on the show (I swear he liked him because I didn't).  I keep saying I am going to go down to NC with a friend and see the set, I will eventually I promise.

The theme song, by Gavin DeGraw is great too and in college he came to my school to perform.  Before his set he approached my friends and I to borrow a lighter and smoked his cigarette with us while he chatted.  Completely down to Earth. One of my celebrity meetings.

Favorite Store to Shop At:
Target logo.svg
I have stopped my shopping obsession recently but I still go here.  My two favorites are Mt. Kisco and Danbury.  My first 2 years of teaching I would meet my best friend Amy after work at Target in Mt. Kisco for Starbucks and shopping 1-2 times a week, now that I don't have that commute I don't go as much or see her as much both bummers:(
Target is my 1-stop shop for clothes, shoes and baby stuff.  I get Jack's formula there, much of his baby supplies, decorations and toys.   I have the check card so it comes directly from my checking which helps prevent over spending, and saves me 5% every purchase.  I also have it linked to donate money to Brewster High School with every purchase I make.  I have donated a few hundred in the past few years even with the small precent they take from me, I shopped THAT MUCH there.

Favorite Recipe:
Well I do not cook. I make pasta pretty well though.

Boil water
Pour box of Bowties in
Add your topping. I like Ragu or Garlic chopped in some oil with salt. 
**believe it or not I have screwed this up by turning on the wrong burner and setting my coffee maker on fire** I am that bad.


Mrs. Boom said…
A fellow target lover :) The Mt. Kisco one is a fave of mine too, particularly becasue of the Starbucks and it always seems to be clean and organized.
LOL on the pasta - I've been there. If you want to get better at cvooking it just takes time,perseverence and a willingness to laugh at yourself.
Karen said…
Thanks! With the cooking Tim is awesome, can make almost anything and likes it. So I haven't needed to learn or try...yet. Firemen and their cooking.

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