9 Months!

Happy 1st Valentine's Day and 9 Months to Jack!

Only 3 more months until his birthday.  We had his checkup (blood work and shot included) today and he is a proportioned little boy.  Tall and lean just like his parents.  28inches & 18lbs 6oz  Doctor was happy. Now he:

  • Crawls everywhere
  • pulls himself up to a standing position
  • sits on his knees
  • drinks from a sippy cup
  • naps 2 times a day
  • sleeps 11 hours straight (unless he is leaving in the morning, he stays in crib until at least 8 if not later)
  • grabs your arms to be picked up
  • opens drawers on TV cabinet (time to start baby proofing)
  • Stands up in crib and Pack &  Play
  • babbles with Bs
  • wearing 9m, 6-12m and some 12 month clothes
  • 24-30oz of Formula a day
  • loves yogurt for breakfast
  • eats 2 containers of food a meal + oatmeal (piggy)
  • eats anything put in front of him
  • loves dancing to music
  • plays with his cars 
  • loves crawling after cats and dogs


Anonymous said…
too cute
Mrs E said…
love me some Jack

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