29 Weeks, Baby Shower and Other things.

So last week was quite an experience. The week started out with Tim's hoopdee popping a tire on the Sprain coming home from work. Then 2 days later on my way to work in the Bronx, a cabbie crashed into the side of my car and bashed in the back passenger side door. Can we have more bad luck? So I spent the day in Labor and Delivery at Einstein Hospital in the Bronx. 2 cars 3 days.I hit 29 weeks on Friday:) Belly measurement 38.5 inches.

My shower was awesome. Jack was spoiled so much by our family and friends and over 50 people came to spend the day with us. I still have yet to go through everything, but am going to start the Thank You cards because I would like to get them done before this moving happens.

Tim and I with grandparents to be!

Monday I had a check up at the doctors after the accident, everything is great. Baby Jack is a show-off with his goods. He is very active and Tim and I like to watch him move around at night. Legs and elbows all over the place from our little man. I also was weighed and now at 156.5lbs up 31.5 lbs since the beginning. Doctor isn't concerned though so I shouldn't be either.

MOVING: With the help of my mom, we have thrown out BAGS of stuff from our house and packed boxes and boxes of things for the new place. She has been awesome. Last night Tim took apart the bedroom set and put most of that into storage. Our bed is just a box spring/mattress now on the floor now. We hope to be gone this weekend. And closed at the end of the month, just finishing up getting the rest of paperwork in order.

I have started my application for grad school. I just need to get a transcript from DCC for my summer classes and do an essay. None of that should be hard. Deadline is April 1st and I should know by the end of May. I applied for a Masters in Special Education, so I also have to take the test again this spring. I have yet to enroll but will soon.

Those are the most recent updates, hope everything is great with all of you!!
XOXO Karen


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