30 weeks- more weight and moving, what a combo

So I am 30weeks and a few days now. I am up more weight (+2.5lbs = 156.5). Saw little Jack last week at the appointment and he is a mover, he never stops.
This Friday is 31 Weeks and another doctor appointment. My favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and watch him move , my belly goes in and out & side to side- very cool. That and Poke-A-Jack. I took pictures but haven't uploaded them so that will have to wait.

Moving: Our house is packed. Everything left is staying with us in the cars and down in Yonkers. We are still scheduled to close at the end of the month. I am hoping that doesn't change. I want to do Jack's room so badly. I have great ideas in my head- they need to come to life and clear out of my parents house. We bought Jack a car seat and travel system (stroller/infant seat) over the weekend. Once we are settled in the house I will be ready for him to arrive.
I still wonder how he will look, how much hair, eye color and if he will be more me or more Tim. What do you all think?

Baby Updates:
How far along?: 30 weeks
Total weight gain: 31.5
Maternity clothes?: Loving dresses, leggings and long shirts.
Sleep: Jack wakes up when I go to bed, it makes it difficult to get to sleep and I am waking up for bathroom runs.
Movement: Poke-A- Jack! He is very active and I love staring at my belly watching him move around. Head down feet up.
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: Nothing yet.
What I miss: My favorite soft jeans. Being able to bend down.
What I am looking forward to: Reading all the awesome books I have bought and received to Jack.


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