Reality TV or a Book??

So we are in Yonkers now. We are staying in Tim's coworkers place. Well Tim somehow was detoured into the Cross County Mall due to a water main break and went into the garage. Well he told the cops he would not make it in the pick up truck (we finally got it back today yay!!). The cop insisted he proceed. Well he HIT the overpass and the boxspring for our bed split into 2. Now I have to buy a new bed.

I need to either (A) write a book or (B)get a reality TV show because I think my life recently have been fucking funny and unreal.

Oh and one of my promotion in doubt students' parents came to my parent conferences tonight. I asked her why she never showed at the meeting. She said she never received anything. So I pulled out her SIGNED slip saying she will come. THEN she says well she thought it was a school trip. She signed the ENGLISH side. Her excuse.

My thinking: so you don't even read where your child is going on a trip.

-you signed a slip for a trip: for your son to STAY IN the 3rd GRADE

Really comments never stop amazing me. Almost as good as my response tot he Rosa Parks story: Why did Rosa Parks sit in the back of the bus? "God told her the bus was going to crash"

At least I should get an extra hour tomorrow of sleep since I am closer to work. Really I need a drink, now!


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