Closing News

Everything passed through the Underwriters and we are waiting to set a CLOSING DATE!! We should be in our house next week, I am hoping it happens Monday the 29th so I have a few days to work on the house while home on Spring Break. OMG this is so exciting. I can't wait to work on Jack's room and Kim will be home all week to help me. Aunt Kim!! Plus we have a movie date to see The Last Song since I love Nicholas Sparks.

I hit 32 weeks tomorrow (Friday) and I feel this little boy is going to be a wild one. I am being kicked, punched and hurt all day everyday. He is an active one, I see the doctor on the 2nd so I will know more then, I really need to make my appointment with the pedi for Jack. Another thing on my to-do list.

Still need to update with pictures, I am taking more tonight for 32 weeks so I will ass 30-31-32 at the same time!!


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