61 days left!

So my Friday checkup was good. I am almost up 40lbs, eek! I am at 162, which is just nuts and causing my back pains and swelling. I cannot get my engagement ring on and probably can't take my wedding band off now either. Yonkers living is going fine, I enjoy waking up late each morning. Hopefully we will close in 1 week. Cross your fingers, I should know the date sometime this week, the final inspection was done yesterday.
My appointments have gone from 4 weeks to 2 weeks- less that 9 weeks left now!! I want to be in the house asap so I can do Jack's room. On Friday I got all his bedding purchased. I can't wait to set it all up, great deals at Baby Depot everything was 20% off.
I have to still add the pictures from the past 2 weeks, just looking for the cord so I can do that- hopefully soon.


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