13 Months!

13 months old already and 21 lbs.
He is a walking, climbing, babbling busy boy!

He still has his cast on until Friday and then it will be off.  I cannot wait to see what his hand is like now and what he does.  I have to call the county about early intervention for Occupational Therapy (fine motor skills) for his hand once the cast is off.

He got his first fever and ear-ache/infection.  I think lasting 13 months is great, he was pitiful, clingy, crying and wanted to be held, it is really sad to watch.

No more bottles!!  No more formula!!

Plays pretend.  I got him a big Laugh n Learn kitchen for his room and then he has his Laugh n Learn chair, so it's set up like a house in his room now.  He turns on the pretend water and sizzles the frying pan.

He will play in his corner for hours, sitting on his alligator, making it talk, talking back at it.

Plays with puzzles, he will take the pieces out and try to get them back in the spaces.  Doesn't always succeed but tries.  He loves Melissa & Doug puzzles with jumbo knobs.  I have been finding them used for a fraction of the cost, plus since they are big and chunky he can't break them.

Everyday is something new, and I am loving being home to see it.


Jennifer said…
Love the updates!

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