Jack has hit a few lately.  He has been making us prouder each and every day.

  • He started walking 3-5 steps alone April 19th
  • He started walking/making laps around things alone May 19th at Chuck E Cheese chasing his friends
  • Stopped using bottles all at once.  We are day 6 (Tuesday) of using sippy cups.  
    • Next up hard spouts and straws
  • Drinking 2- 50/50 whole milk/formula cups a day and 2 formula only a day
    • Next up all whole milk
  • Steady bedtime of 8:30pm 6 nights a week waking at 8 out of crib by 9 most mornings
  • Eats a lot of "people" food.  Discovered pretzel sticks at a party this past weekend, must have ate 1/2 the bowl.  It was so cute how he'd take small bites using his front teeth.
  • Waves bye-bye.  We are still working on blowing kisses and more words.
  • Understands the word NO.  Turns his lip, pouts and cries/screams.  Does pull your hand if you are blocking him from something (stairs, cabinets, computer, phone)


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