Jack Update!

I set out on the day Thursday.. Jack went back to the doctor because after 4 days on amoxicilin he was still not himself and still running a fever. 
Well the Dr didn't like the way he looked and decided to draw blood and collect urine... oh urine... Well my child would not pee, and has anyone tried to occupy their kid at a dr for 2 hours?  It SUCKS!! So finally they decided to send me driving and come back when full, another hour passed no pee, so I decided to go home, put him for a nap (he also refused to sleep and had woken up at my moms at 6:15am screaming for an hour with her).  
HE PEES!!!  I have car packed up (We were heading to Jersey with Tim once he got off work and I picked him up to stay at his Aunt's house so our drive would be shorter in the morning to Philly.
We get all the way back to the doctor, I get him out of car, start to carry him and feel WET..  THE BAG BURST ALL OVER ME!!!!!  I just started crying, after 5 days of a kid who had not been himself and doing it mostly alone because Tim has been working 24 hours on with 12 off all week and hadn't been home in 2 nights I shut down.  I walked in in tears and said HELP.  
Luckily while there he peed again, and they got what they needed, now we hurried off to Lehman.  CLOSED (FU AGAIN LEHMAN!!) So we wasted time in Target in the Bronx and headed to the firehouse.
At relatives he was fine, chasing the 3 boys around who are way older and loving their 150lb Mastiff.  So we were happy, he stayed up until after 10pm and passed out, we had to get him up before 6am to head to Philly, he woke up fine, no tears and talked the next 2 hours in the car.  
Cast came off around 9am, incision looked gross, he had skin grafting from wrist (which you'd never know it, wrist looks 100%normal).  In between 2 of the fingers it was ***, the surgeon said not to worry, it looks fine. He was happy with the look of fingers and sent us up to a whirlpool bath to soak off bandages.  That person also thought it looked infected, ran down to Dr, who again said it was okay, so we wrapped it up and were sent on our way home.
I didn't get "home" (to my parents) until 4:30, Jack played around and around 7 I went to show my mom his hand and change the bandages.  She immediately thought it looked infected, and had my dad look and then I called Tim's mom who is a nurse to come look at it on her way home.  I also called Jack's pedi who said to go to the ER and most likely will admit him if its infected so off we went.
He was admitted but it took over 6 hours!!!  Jack would fall asleep and then be woken up for IV to be put in, fall asleep and wake up for catheder to check urine, the poor boy has been through a lot, x-rays too.  We got up to the pediartic until at 2am and passed the F out!  I slept until 9 and Tim and Jack were still sleeping when I snuck out to run home to shower and grab stuff since DH hasn't been home since Tuesday and Me since Thursday afternoon.
We'll be in the hospital until at least tomorrow, if not Monday.  When we may be sent back down to Philly. Apparently though the infection is not good, it is not uncommon after these surgeries and grafting procedures.  This is most likely what also had him running a fever for the past week and why he hasn't been himself, including a little appetite.  Poor kid is a trooper though and in between bouts of crankiness, tiredness and sleeping he entertains anyone who will watch. 
I am happy I insisted this week that something was wrong with him and didn't just give up, for a kid who barely has cried in 13 months, has transitioned from formula to milk, bottle to cup and everything else cold turkey and just went with the flow to be like he has been I just knew.   


Mrs E said…
sending Jack lots of hugs and kisses.
Mommy & Daddy too!

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