Bye-bye Bottles and Formula

Cold turkey I stopped bottles all together, as soon as we got home from surgery weekend, May 31st to be exact.  We had been intermixing sippy cups by Munchkin and Tommee Tippee for over two months and trying them out.   I had put in water and formula to get him used to them.  Styles we have used:
Tommee Tippee BPA Free First Cup - Lil Sippee - Blue - Tommee Tippee  - Babies"R"UsTommee Tippee BPA Free Lil Sippee Sport Straw - 2 Pack - Green/Orange - Tommee Tippee  - Babies"R"UsTommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup - 4m+ - 5 oz. - Blue - Tommee Tippee  - Babies"R"Us

Munchkin Boy's BPA Free Mighty Grip Trainer Cups 2-Pack - 8 oz. (Colors Vary) - Munchkin  - Babies"R"Us  
The Munchkin cups have been the easiest for him because of the hand cast.  We have 4 that we rotate because for now the other ones are bigger, but without a cast he is able to manage any of them.

Milk only:  So then on the 1st I decided I would try whole milk, starting with 75% formula 25% milk.  I did this for his morning and bed cup and during the day he had formula.  We did this for 3 days, by day 4 he was SOLEY on milk.  Too easy!!!  Next up hard spouts and straws cups.  I keep telling him once he can use a straw he'll get his first Starbucks drink (milk!!) 

It was bittersweet to put away all the bottles, then again the break will only be for a few months.


Mrs E said…
we cut out bottles before Paige arrived too... I figured the few transitions we could make before hand may help him realize that he's already a big boy!
Karen said…
I agree. If only I could get him potty trained before she arrives;) JK LOL

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