A week later..

Jack is back to normal, still on antibiotics but back to running around and tearing the house apart daily.
We have to wash and keep his hand dry as much as possible, which is tough since he uses his left hand all the time and when feeding it gets messy.  His appetite is back to normal, what a piggy kid he is.

I have to say I just LOVE our doctors and everyone we encountered at Northern Westchester Hospital last weekend.  Our pediatrician made the effort to visit Jack while we were in the hospital at 5:30 am to make sure he was okay.  Our surgeon in Philadelphia called us Monday to follow up as well as give up his personal cellphone number incase anything else happens and we need to reach him.  The plastic surgeon from the hospital called us on Monday also to see if she could help out in anyway since Philly is so far and she offered to work with our doctor there.  Also the pedi-unit at NWH called to check up on us too, I gave rave reviews about the 3 nurses we had during our time there.

We had a nice Father's Day with both our families on Sunday after being released from the hospital, and Jack is back to having baths and loving them!  All is good here:)


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